„In life there‘s often just a fine line between happiness, pain, sorrow and fulfilmentand our ups and downs have made us who we are today.

This album tells the stories of our personal and musical adventures, milestones and tragedies. A whole album... Written by life!“



 After their highly acclaimed, self titled debut in November 2018, RADIANT’s second album “Written by life“ will be released on April 22 2022 via Massacre Records. 


„Written by life" contains 11 straight from the heart and powerful melodic rock songs (no filler- just killer !) and tells  stories about the band members’ musical milestones, shared memories, adventures and personal tragedies. 


Just as on RADIANT’S debut, the sound on „Written by life“ is complex but catchy, and throws you right back to the true hard rock sound of the 70s and 80s. The band’s trademark is the exceptional and powerful voice of Herbie Langhans, who is known for his work in productions, such as Avantasia, Firewind and Sonic Haven. Moreover, a virtuoso bass playing à la Billy Sheehan, powerful drums, polyphonic guitars and top-class solos characterize the unique RADIANT sound. 

Herbie states: “Most of the songs on the album were created together in the rehearsal room and thus, unite all of our different musical influences. The thing is: Radiant always sounds like Radiant - I don't know any band that is even remotely comparable in terms of our compositions. The range of the songs are just incredible. We were very careful not to put anything on the album that we all didn’t completely approve of." 


The Album is completed by Herbie Langhans’ mix and production as well as Sascha Paeth’s (Avantasia, Kamelot, etc.) mastering. Enjoy 49:28 minutes of RADIANT’s honest, powerful, melodic hard rock. A whole album…Written by life! 

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